Sunday, November 28, 2010

Palm Springs in the New Year!

This is the pool and the house that I have rented for the next SoulCollage® Facilitator Training, the weekend of January 21-23, 2011.  Our group will learn everything that we need to cover in this beautiful, relaxing environment.  If you love SoulCollage® and want to become a Facilitator, join us!  Check the website for more info: or my website: and click on "SoulCollage®"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SoulCollage® Witness

As I prepare to leave for Prescott, to teach SoulCollage® once again at the Master's of Arts Colloquium....I turn to my deck of SoulCollage cards and go through my travel ritual.  I ask which cards want to come with me, and I choose a few that I want to have with me.  It's always interesting to see who gets to come along for the ride.

The "Transpersonal " cards always join me.....Source, SoulEssence, and Witness.  They are always placed at the top of my readings, to keep me centered and grounded.  They are the reason SoulCollage is my spiritual path, my connection to all that is, and my understanding of why I'm here and what I bring to the world.

For more information about SoulCollage®, the transpersonal cards, the 4 suits, doing readings and more, I suggest you get yourself a copy of Seena Frost's new book, "SoulCollage® Evolving", and visit the website:  Enjoy the journey!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

American Art Therapy Conference

Seena Frost at the AATA Conference!

How wonderful to have Seena talk to nearly 1,000 art therapists about SoulCollage® in Sacramento last Saturday!  She was introduced by Amy and Ron, who wore their special shirts!

In the "Master Class", participants made one SoulCollage card, and shared them with one another.  It was a busy time, as there were 99 people and only an hour and a half! But we did it!  My friend Audrey and I assisted Seena, and we feel it was a successful workshop.
 Audrey and Seena on one of the very cool benches in Sacramento...."Heart" or "Art" or "Hearth" or "Earth"....

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

SoulCollage® at Ghost Ranch

Here is a photo of our SoulCollage® group walking the labyrinth at Ghost Ranch in early October.

So much has happened since my last post, and I want to revive this blog, so it is my heartfelt intention to put something up here on a more frequent basis.

I recently spent a week at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico, teaching a SoulCollage® workshop to a group of 11 women, and it was spiritually renewing!

Bill and I took a road trip there, meandering through Arizona,
stopping in Prescott and Winslow, visiting La Posada Hotel which was worth the trip in itself! (the 'last great railroad hotel').  Once we crossed into New Mexico, the landscape changed dramatically and I started imagining what life must have been like a few hundred years ago around this part of the country.

(Here is my new SoulCollage® card:  I Am One Who loves to take a road trip with my honey, knowing that the key to happiness is keeping company with a kindred spirit.  I Am One Who travels through the desert landscape in awe and wonder.)

We arrived at Ghost Ranch on Sunday around noon, and felt that incredible energy of the "thin place":

"Truth abides in thin places; naked, raw, hard to face truth.  Yet the comfort, safety and strength to face that truth also abides there.  Thin places captivate our imagination, yet diminish our existence.  We become very small, yet we gain connection and become part of something larger than we can perceive.   The human spirit is awakened and will grow if the body and mind allow it." - Mindie Burgoyne

I will post more about the Ghost Ranch workshop week, the wonderful group of women, the creative energy, the cards that were made, readings that were done, and deep friendships that were's good to be back here in the blogosphere!  Thanks for reading.