Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Ashes to Ashes Urn Workshop", Sunday July 8th. Seven brave people joined me in this unusual and moving session, creating urns out of clay. Some made cylinders, some made houses, everyone gave so much thought and care in building their creations. Not an easy topic. This workshop gave people an opportunity to create a beautiful urn for their ashes, or for a loved one, human or 4-legged, and to include directives, so that their last wishes would be clear and available to their family or friends. The urns will be fired once, then painted and embellished in the second session.

Jane LaFazio, working on her house-shaped piece, complete with stamped words and images. She was instrumental in encouraging me to offer this workshop!

Pamela Underwood's creation seems to be a living, breathing gingerbread cottage filled with words which describe her many roles in life, as well as a beautiful message inside.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The wishing well for peace is nearly finished....the peace sign is covered in a mosaic of mirror pieces and needs grouting, but it's pretty much done, and kids are writing their wishes on pieces of paper and tossing them in. It's a great sight to see....come to ARTS and have a look, maybe make a wish! (