Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mosaic Guitars...

My first mosaic guitar was the one that my daughter Molly brought to me, saying it was cracked and asking if it could be fixed. I asked a couple of repair people about it, and they said it really wasn't worth fixing it, based on the value of the guitar (how sad) I covered it in little ceramic mosaic tiles that I stamped and glazed, along with some pieces of mirror. It does actually still play, although it's still out of tune and very heavy...leading people to say witty things like "not heavy metal" or "heavy acoustic"....hahahaha.

This second mosaic guitar is a tiny one, and I used little mosaic glass pieces and tiny millefiore dots to cover the front of it. I strung it up with copper wire for a different sort of look. It hangs on the wall and is quite the art piece. Now I'm working on a few more mosaic guitars, some of which will grace the walls of the music studio at the new ARTS building in Liberty Station (