Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mosaics and Margaritas

Mosaics and Margaritas Party!

A different way to spend a Saturday night...

Heather, a friend and wonderful life coach, invited me
to lead a mosaics party for her and some of her friends, to celebrate
her (belated) birthday. So I drove up to the OC to share my passion for mosaics with this great group of women. Heather's mother Beverly created a cool "studio" in her dining area, and provided delicious margaritas and yummy food. The 9 participants enjoyed a Saturday night to remember. Although at first I heard a lot of "I don't know what to do" and "I'm not at all artistic", see what you think of these great mosaic mirrors! Happy Birthday Heather!

Here's Jen, holding up her finished mirror....good going!

Some mirrors in various stages of completion....

The grouting was pretty messy, and although I like to say that "your fingers are your best tools", and it's true, I think maybe I'll need to change that phrase...lots of raucous laughter when I told that to the group.

I love mosaics, I love leading workshops, and I love birthday parties....Heather's Mosaics and Margaritas night had it all! Thanks!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

ARTS Mosaic Project

ARTS Miramar Mosaic Project

All summer, every Thursday, a group of kids from the
Miramar military base came to ARTS, to create a mosaic table and benches for their community center. They started from scratch....sketching designs, breaking tiles, attaching the pieces and grouting. On August 30th, Rob Tobin, (artist in residence at ARTS) and I went up to Miramar to dedicate the project to the kids, and they were in awe of their accomplishment! Here are the kids enjoying the paparazzi...after the ceremony, which was short and sweet (it must have been 100 degrees), they enjoyed a snack of juice and cookies at their new table!

The benches spell out "Friendship"'s a little hard to read but if you stand back far enough, you can see it pretty clearly! And the table shows several smiling kids, standing in a circle holding hands.