Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Upcoming workshop alert! Discover the joys and magic of SoulCollage with a group of like minded folks, Saturday November 4th on the USD campus. Choose either a morning or afternoon session, and enjoy the process of creating your own deck of collaged cards. Learn about the 4 suits, and how to do readings once your cards are created. It's an ongoing process, developed by Seena Frost...check out the website at to learn more about it...then contact me at to sign up and get started!


I am really looking forward to our "R and Art" event this Friday, the 13th. My massage therapist friend and office mate Betsy and I are working folks will come in and enjoy a one hour massage followed by an hour of therapeutic art making...and when they are finished, they will be relaxed and in touch with their creative they receive a special goodie bag! We hope to be offering this once a month.....
Here's a picture of Tony, Bill's English Bull Terrier, demonstrating the art of relaxation!

This is my first posting, which I hope will show's my first SoulCollage card posting!