Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Renovation Progress

 Day 3

OK, this is not the most exciting blog post, but it's so cool to see the progress each day.

On Day 2, the window templates were hung up to give us an idea of their size and height.  They are so big, and will let in a lot of light.  They are going to be a little higher up than in this photo.
 Day 3 and the concrete cutter was here, preparing the floor for the plumbing to be installed.  On Monday the plumber will get started.
AND, the lumber arrived for the framing etc....a new dumpster is in place, and the porta-potty got relocated to the spot it should have been delivered to in the first place.

It's all good.....

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Concraft said...

Oh Sweetie! This is soooo exciting! I watched just last October as my studio was being built and it is a wonderful feeling, indeed! I am sitting in mine right now...and am still putting it all together as I find the right storage pieces. It is so much fun! I will be watching! xoxo