Monday, August 27, 2007

Ashes to Ashes Urn Workshop Part 2

Can you believe how beautiful these urns look? We painted them with acrylic paints and embellished them with charms, milagros, treasures and more. Our group worked all afternoon Sunday to finish their pieces, and everyone seemed pleased with the results. Once the painting process was complete, we talked about what we created and how we felt about it. The sense of sharing something sacred and of achieving a special bond with the members of the group was awesome. Thank you Pamela, Jane, Don, Nancy, Andy, and Helen, for making this one of the most moving and emotionally satisfying workshops I've ever been involved with. I hope you don't need your urns for many many years!


Cheryl Finley: said...

These are sacred and beatiful..what an amazing thing to experience. Makes me look at things differently.

Thank you.

Plain Jane said...

Thank you Kat, for a wonderful workshop. It was extra special working with dear friends, spending two sun-filled afternoons creating in such a creative and welcoming environment.Thanks to you, Kat, for making it happen and creating and leading our 'ashes to ashes' workshop.

Mom Selway said...

Wow! What splendid works, Kat. So very proud of you and happy for you sharing your love of art in such a positive way.
You go girl!