Monday, February 05, 2007

Alex. Sink. Why do cats love to curl up in the sink? My friend Jane recently sent me a link to a Flikr group called "Cats in Sinks" which I had to join, and added this photo of my cat chilling out in the sink. Alex recently had to have surgery, to remove bladder stones, which were causing him to pee on the carpet and other places besides the litter box...I thought it was my older kitty, Pumpkin, who is Sweet 16...but it was Alex. So he is recovering from surgery, seems to be pretty much back in action, and I'm sure will be visiting his favorite sink very soon!


Plain Jane said...

oh yea!kitties know the best spots. Glad Alex is feeling better. Buddy & BeBop send get well greetings too.

Plain Jane said...

Hey, Happy Birthday dear Kat, happy birthday to you!!!